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Security Consulting, Emergency Planning and Disaster Planning

Security Consulting

Merchants Security Services is an expert consulting firm specializing in security contingencies and the prevention of workplace violence. Our team of experienced professionals designs security and workplace violence prevention and response programs perfectly suited to address each client’s particular risks, budgets, values, and needs.

Emergency/Disaster Planning

In addition to addressing accidental emergencies, MSS develops client emergency and crisis plans that also take into account purposeful disasters such as: workplace violence, terrorist attack, contamination, labor disruption and all manner of civil disturbance. Merchants Security Services also offers training to all levels of personnel on various emergency and crisis procedures, while providing for the review, assessment, and development of crisis plans to address:
  • - Natural Disasters
  • - Medical Emergencies
  • - Executive Protection
  • - Traveler Safety and Security
  • - Activist Attention and Disruption
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